We offer full support and consultation on any type of implementation as well as full training of your in-house staff.

Our process improvement solutions take your organization to the next level by providing consultation that’s based on driven results.

We work to:

  • Identify and determine opportunities to achieve operational efficiency
  • Deliver solutions that work to optimize your processes
  • Work in collaboration with you to identify business challenges
  • Evaluate the best options to take measured action
  • Create a plan for improvement

Our Business Process Improvement Consulting is based on five key elements:

  • Strategic Assessment to identify goals and objectives while working to define current business processes
  • Analysis and evaluation of your current business process and operational performance
  • Improve solutions that are designed to create a more efficient business process as well as implement strategies and present implementation recommendations
  • Technological support to define required technological upgrades or implement the changes that are necessary to implement new processes and approaches
  • Change Management Support to provide guidance on the management that will impact change and ease traditional processes

Our Offices

Address: 5050 Dufferin #201, Toronto, Canada, M3H 5T5
Telephone: 416-667-1793
Email: info@dispatchmax.ca
Address: 1666 Thierry #105, LaSalle, Canada, H8N 2K4
Telephone: 450-550-4499
Email: info@dispatchmax.ca

For immediate support, please use the corresponding module of DispatchMax software or our contact form.