Imagine being able to grow your business by focusing only on important decision-making processes and ‘big picture’ solutions to make impact where it counts most. Our mission is to get you there.

As a full-service IT automation company, we know that saving time and money (and an unnecessary headache) is what you strive for in your business. This is why we’ve created ways to improve your efficiencies and overall success.

Our mission is to use cutting-edge technology and creative software solutions in order to meet all of your IT automation demands.

We have all the necessary resources for the implementation of enterprise projects of any size and complexity, and believe that two-way communication is a critical factor to your success. We follow a carefully developed six-stage approach to the execution and delivery of any implementation of any scope.

Stage 1: Project Scoping

Together with your team, we sit down to discuss your requirements while agreeing on a budget and time frame for implementation. After conducting an initial survey, we follow up with assembling a detailed plan accompanied by all required documentation:

  • Gap analysis
  • Project schedule
  • Technical specifications
  • Fully-itemised quotation
  • Risk assessment report
  • Contract terms and conditions

Stage 2: Modelling

Ensuring that each factor of the proposed system has been explored, we conduct extensive modelling exercises to identify where additional functionalities may be incorporated. At this stage, we also identify and correct any potential shortcomings before implementation. By carrying out extensive ‘road testing’, we ensure that a complete solution is fully suited to your operational needs.

Stage 3: Design

Our projects team liaisons with the in-house IT department in order to propose organization-specific design. We further propose individual designs for each functionality.

Stage 4: Development

Software proposal follows up to exact specifications to closely match your business needs. A full, technical manual is created to carry out step-by-step instructions on how the software may be reconfigured in the future if ever necessary.

Stage 5: Implementation

Software system is installed as quickly and efficiently as possible to avoid interruptions to productivity and daily operations.

Stage 6: Support

We follow-through with ongoing provisions of maintenance and system software upgrades to ensure your system is continuously optimized. We stay available to you, providing a comprehensive maintenance and support system that works in sync with your IT team.

Our Offices

Address: 5050 Dufferin #201, Toronto, Canada, M3H 5T5
Telephone: 416-667-1793
Address: 1666 Thierry #105, LaSalle, Canada, H8N 2K4
Telephone: 450-550-4499

For immediate support, please use the corresponding module of DispatchMax software or our contact form.