Is your system as flexible and customizable as you would like it to be?

This video covers the basic customization features of DispatchMax Software, including general layout, sections panel, form customization and custom fields feature.

Duration: 4:34

DispatchMax Safety and Compliance module overview.

This video shows the Safety and Compliance features of DispatchMax Software, including Safety and Compliance Board, driver/truck/trailer profiles and reports.

Duration: 5:11

DispatchMax Different types of Dispatch Board.

This video shows the different types of Dispatch Boards available for users.

Duration: 3:46

DispatchMax How to create a new work order.

This video covers the work order creation process. Simple and powerfull interface with drug&drop features.

Duration: 3:46

DispatchMax How to create a new trip.

This video shows the trip creation process. The entire process is handled in a centralized and intuitive interface.

Duration: 4:29

DispatchMax How to perform a maintenance.

This video shows how to create a service transaction.

Duration: 3:05

DispatchMax How to edit a print form.

In this video you will see how easily you can modify a print form in DispatchMax.

Duration: 3:28

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